Super-Size Your Target PE Games with SturTee!

Students playing PE target games
My students love the added twist the SturTee brings to my invasion and target games!

Let’s face it; students like to be challenged, yet also need to be set up for success. Students enjoy when teachers change things up. They live for the experience of “the next great challenge” in their learning and relish it when we can provide a mixture of activities that give them this feeling of challenge and self-accomplishment. The SturTee Game Set helps me accomplish all of these things and adds a fun twist to invasion and target games.

Invasion and Target Games

I really enjoy invasion and target games and value the importance of throwing and catching development in an appropriate manner. My middle school students love invasion games and I try to offer a wide array of options when it comes to the student learning outcomes invasion games deliver with the goal that all students will feel challenged and enjoy the creative variety of activities I can provide.

SturTee PE Target Games
Students love watching the SturTee ball fly off the holder during invasion PE games.

Thankfully, the SturTee Game Set helped me to change up the height and size of the target/goal during specific invasion and target games so students had a new challenge to face for both scoring and defensive sides of the game. I enjoyed watching students discuss their strategies when using the SturTee and we were able to compare and contrast these strategies in our lesson closure so we could all learn from one another. 

3 vs. 3 Cone Ball Game

One of my favorite uses is during 3 vs. 3 “cone ball” where the target in the invasion game is a simple cone. If you hit the cone your team gets a point. If you knock it over your team gets two points. No goalie needed, just create your playing space and use Ultimate Frisbee-style rules to make it happen.

It is a simple game that involves teamwork, strategy, invasion skills, catching, throwing and many other concepts such as ‘finding an open space’ to receive the pass. It can also be modified in a zillion different ways to accommodate for all levels of learners. This seemingly very non-traditional game reinforces many skills and anyone can be successful at playing it. Once students have used the cone as the target for scoring on, we progress to using the SturTee as the target. The students love the big, colorful target and how the beach ball pops off the stand.

The even better news, from my viewpoint, was the framework of the game can be used in a multitude of ways, year round, whether it be practicing your throws to a target or playing grid-style defender games. I really get my ‘bang for my buck’ out of this game set because it comes with 24 foam balls that are the perfect size for any throwing, catching, or hitting activity and everyone in the class can have their own or at least share with a partner. Stretching my budget as far as possible is an important factor in my purchases of game sets and SturTee meets those requirements.

Refresh the fun in your invasion and target games today with the super-sized power of SturTee! Get a full SturTee Game Set or a Rainbow Set of 6 SturTees for your classroom today!

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