Take Speed Training to the Gymnasium with the VariSafe Indoor Sled

The story of strength and conditioning is too many athletes and not enough square footage. That’s why we designed the industry’s first and only indoor weight sled intended to expand your useful space by bringing speed training and conditioning into the gymnasium.

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Behind the Design

Damage-Free Training

Safely perform sled pushes and drags without damaging the finish of your gymnasium flooring. Proprietary runners adhered to each ski protect floors while providing enough friction to keep sled work challenging.

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Compact & Light-Weight

Compact, 18lb steel frame retains the durability of larger sleds while making it easy to move and store when not in use.

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Versatile Design

The 5″H, 20″W low push handle makes conditioning sessions substantially more challenging by forcing athletes to stay low while driving forward on sled pushes. 

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Easily Add and Remove Accessories

Easily attach any harness and carabiner to the welded ring for sled drags. The 1.5″ conditioning ropes can also be looped through the ring for overhand sled pulls.

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Unmatched Durability

Load up to 135 lb in bumper plates on the 11”H center post. The post features a long-lasting chromed finish that won’t chip from years of contact with plate inserts. 

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