Teacher Collaboration Ideas During Distance Learning [Interactive]

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In this PE podcast, Chris Nichols shares some ideas for collaborating with classroom teachers during distance learning.

Today on the PE Express podcast, I’ll talk about how to work with other content when dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

[0:30] Welcome to the bee Express podcast. Today I will share some collaboration ideas from my wife Michelle Nichols, linking literacy and physical education together as we promote at home learning. One of my favorite quotes is reading is to the mind what exercises to the body. This quote by Joseph Addison stands true as reading enriches the brain with new thoughts, ideas and theories.

[0:54] The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors is one of my favorite children’s books written by Drew DeWalt. It tells the story of how rock, paper and scissors came together to form this epic and ongoing battle to make decisions. It is a great book to help introduce students to the idea of playing rock paper scissors as a way to solve problems, or determine who’s going to take a turn first.

[1:24] After reading the book then comes to tie into physical education. How easy is a game of rock paper scissors at home right now? Kids are looking for any type of outlet and what better way than just a simple game of rock paper scissors. If you want to add the physical portion of it, you can always play rock paper scissors, jumping three times and when you go to show, place your feet together to represent rock. Feet apart for paper, and then split your feet, one foot in front one foot and back to represent scissors. So now we’ve added a physical component of it and a simple game people can play at home during this at home learning.

[2:02] There are endless children’s books out there that you can tie in to what you want your students to do for physical education while they’re spending time at home. Reach out to your campus librarian, or that third grade teacher that you eat lunch with. Ask them about some book titles that you might be able to tie into as you’re presenting your at home learning ideas. While we’re all home and engaging in this new type of distance and virtual learning. There are tons of authors out there who have given us permission to read their stories and record ourselves reading them and post them on our Google classrooms. Work with the other teachers at your campus to find out if some of these titles and some of these authors will fit into what you’d like to put out there for your kids to do while they’re at home.

[2:52] Those are all great ideas and thank you for sharing. In this time of need collaboration is the key not only with your fellow physical education teachers, but also with the core content teachers. Remember, we’re all in this together. Remember reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Be safe, be active, and look for all those resources. Thank you again for listening and have a great day.

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