The 4 P’s to Effective Teaching [Interactive]

4 Ps of Effective Teachers subs

In this PE podcast, Maria Corte helps you easily remember four key concepts of being an effective teacher.

[0:02] There are so many qualities that go into being a highly qualified teacher. When I was in college, I was taught so many things on how to be effective and throughout my teaching career, I’ve attended hundreds of meetings, trainings and presentations on how to be the best teacher I can be. All of that information after a while gets so saturated that I’m not even sure what to focus on or where to even begin.

The four P's of #PhysEd from @CortePE: Prepared, Professional, Passion, Pride. Share on X

The 4 P’s to Effective Teaching:

[0:43] So this podcast will be about how I like to consolidate information and put it into a neat little package that’s easy to understand. When I work with student teachers or present at conventions, I find that this is not only easy to understand, but it’s also easy to memorize and remember for later. Okay, so here’s what I’ve created. It’s called the four P’s of being an effective teacher. The first P is being prepared second, professional, third, having passion and for having pride. So I’m going to go through each one of these really quickly just to kind of give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

1. Prepared

[1:22] So let’s talk about the first P, and that’s being prepared. As a teacher, you need to plan out your year, your semester, quarter, week and day with calendars and lesson plans. This is the scope and sequence of your instructional planning. Even after 26 years of teaching, I don’t like to wing it and by the way, it keeps the students out of my office saying what are we doing today? I’m sure you guys have all heard that. So I really think it’s important to be prepared, have an idea of where you’re going, what you want your students to learn and how you’re going to teach them. Also, to piggyback on the prepared piece of this. I think it’s also very important to be prompt you need to be on time to work, be on time to meetings, be on time to your classes and that’s all part of the number one category of being prepared.

2. Professional

[2:13] The second P I’d like to talk about is being professional. As teachers, we are professionals, we need to dress like it and act like it in and out of the classroom and at all times! We are constantly onstage and being judged on how we conduct ourselves. Yes, we’re role models for our students, but parents and colleagues and administrators, they’re all keeping a close eye on us as well.

3. Passion

[2:39] The third P is passion. If you can teach with passion, you will get way more out of your students then if you teach without it, passion motivates people. It gets people excited, your students will see how much you enjoy your profession, and how much you care about them. Passion is so contagious. It will lift you up your students up and your day. Your career will be so much more fulfilling, and it’ll go by so much faster.

4. Pride

[3:05] And the last P on the list is pride. This one made the list because not only do you need to take pride in your work, you need to take pride in your school. And what I mean by this is you need to constantly be creating new lessons, be innovative, be the best PE teacher you can possibly be. In regards to taking pride in your school, you can show your students and admin you have pride by wearing the school colors, attending school events, being a positive role model at meetings, participating in spirit week, etc. There’s like so many things you can do to show pride for your school and that in turn will show pride in your work. The students will benefit from it, you’ll benefit from it and your school year will go so much more quicker and you’ll be so much more fulfilled, I believe.

[3:50] So there you have it. There’s the four P’s of being an effective teacher. Remember, it’s one be prepared. Two be professional. Three, be passionate and four take pride in your work in school. Thanks for listening and have a great rest of your school year. Take care.

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