The Only Squat Box Deserving Real Estate in Your Weight Room

The Gopher Combo Box

The first squat box of its kind offers unrivaled versatility and durability. Perform maximal box squats, hip thrusts, step-ups, split squats, and a variety of accessory exercises with one universal solution.

Built to Last

Gopher Combo Box - Squat Box built to last

This box will stand up to your toughest athletes and then some. Boasting uncompromising durability, it can handle static loads of up to 1000lb, thanks to robust 11-gauge, 3×3″ steel tubing. A 24″W x 18″D textured top provides a rock-solid surface for stability during squats and step ups.

Easily Adjustable

Gopher Combo Box - Squat box that's easily adjustable

We know coaches are looking for customizable solutions that account for every athlete and a variety of exercises, so we made it easy to adjust the height of this squat box. Each leg is independently adjustable using an elegantly simple rotating locking pin. Just turn over the box and remove the pin to adjust from 14″H to 18″H in 2″ increments.

Unmatched Versatility

Gopher Combo Box - Squat box with unmatched versatility

With the rise in popularity of hip thrusts, we incorporated unique features that make them easier to perform on this box. We added a dense, easy-to-clean 3-1/4″ thick foam pad that—when combined with the box’s adjustable height—allows for comfortable, full-range hip thrusts regardless of user height and skill.

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