“This Website Helped Me Become a Great PE Teacher!”

Episode Transcript:

PE Universe, to me, I’m so passionate about this website. This website has helped me become a great physical education teacher. PE Universe helped me survive my first year of teaching. I’m going to say that. You think you’re ready when you graduated college? You think you’re ready. You have no idea! You think you’re ready and you have 88 kindergartners looking at you and you’re like, what do I do now? I need more ideas.

PE Universe, it’s, it’s back and it’s better than ever. If you were a member of the old PE U, you’re going to be blown out of the way.

Once I felt comfortable and once I felt like oh, I got the hang of this, I’m going to give back everything great that I got from PE Universe back to PE universe. I’m going to help as many people as I can because when you have something amazing to share, you’ve got to share it. Like share, share, share, why would you keep anything that will help make other people successful to yourself? We’re going to build a game, so this is a space ship tag. I was talking to a group of college kids telling them about this website. They had never heard about it before and this gentleman is walking by and I and I said, “Hey,” I shout out. “Have you heard of PE Universe?” And he replies back. “Actually yes. I used to go on there a lot” and he goes, wait a second, I know you, you posted that video about jump ropes.

Yeah, so I pull up this jump rope video and I hit play and it’s pretty old school and we’re watching this video posted back in 2008. Now all of a sudden he’s doing that stuff in his class. It’s not that it’s my idea. These are not my ideas. PE teachers have been doing great things for years, decades, before I was born. I mean, PE teachers are so awesome. I just took the time to post a video and 11 years later, this guy remembers a video that I shared. That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool.

PE Universe is a free site that was designed specifically for physical educators. Jump on there today for a chance to win an iPad. All you have to do is visit peuniverse.com/contest and upload a video of your students performing your favorite activity idea, but get your videos in soon! Entries closed this Friday.

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