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1. Beginner Yoga Poses
By: @PEwithMsM

This is the perfect resource to introduce younger students to the benefits of yoga. This resource features 6 beginner yoga poses with a detailed explanation of how to do the pose. This is a great daily morning routine to do with your children.

2. Name Workout
By: @dannicelli10

Not only will this workout get you up and moving, it is customizable. To make it more difficult, you can add your middle or last name, or you can do your middle name one day and your last name the next day! This is another great workout to do with your whole family as you would all be doing different workouts.

3. Roll A Story Fitness Activity
By: @tall_kelly

This resource is a great way to get your younger children active. Watch as they act out silly short stories like a bear galloping in a pool of pudding! Not only will they be running around, but they will be doing it while laughing and smiling.

4. Push-Up Challenge
By: @justybubPE

While students are home, challenge them to perfect their push-up. This resource gives a comprehensive daily log and a list of modifications. The list of modifications includes a difficult level as well as an easier level, repetitions, and sets.

5. Fitness Yahtzee
By: @MrWellerPE

Board games have become a staple of staying at home. Mr. Weller has taken the board game Yahtzee a step further by making a fitness edition. All you need is a pair of dice and the fitness Yahtzee score card. Each roll is connected to a physical activity; so, while you play the game, it gets you up and moving!

6. Indoor Physical Scavenger Hunt
By: @ms_d_pe

Challenge your children to get a faster score as they race around your home finding and touching common items and doing the accompanying physical activity. If your children enjoy this activity, try making a list of items that are unique to your home like a specific vase or candle.

7. Yoga Geometry
By: @disco_glow

This is a great cross-curricular activity combining geometry and physical education. Encourage your students to do yoga poses such as down dog or the tree pose and have someone take a photo of them. Then using a protractor find the angles you are making!

8. April Fitness Calendar
By: Mike Graham

This daily fitness calendar is perfect to get students moving daily. Mr. Graham encourages his students to check off the days they complete and turn it into him. He targets these workouts towards Kindergarten to 5th grade.

9. PE Netflix Movies
By: @MrFraher

While this is not the most active PE resource, these 10 movies highlight the importance of physical activity, athletics, and nutrition. This is a great resource to find a movie for your students, give discussion questions, and have open conversation about these topics.

10. Basic Skill Challenge
By: @mr_b_physed

Pit your students and children against each other as they compete to get the most points with these basic skills. Some skills are more difficult than others, and some require more time than others. You can also take inspiration from this and custom make your own basic skill challenge.

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