Top 10 Scooter Team Games From Social Media!

Dive into the world of exciting and innovative physical education scooter activities with these ten creative ideas uploaded by passionate educators on and PE Universe. From the adrenaline-pumping ‘Falling Towers’ to the strategic ‘Four-Sided Scooter Soccer,’ these engaging scooter games build teamwork, coordination, and sheer fun in the school gym. 

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1. Falling Towers

Activity idea uploaded by Mr. Staup, posted on

In “Falling Towers”, students work together to bring the house down! In this game, you’ll need towers represented by tumbling mats, two massive 48” OMNIKIN Kin-Balls, and two teams strategizing to unleash chaos or fortify their towers. It’s an all-out battle, and the team that sends their opponents’ towers tumbling first, wins!

2. Tow Truck

Activity idea uploaded by Ginger Aaron-Brush, posted on

In “Tow Truck” students partner up and work together to provide a lift for their fellow classmates. This activity can be performed as a relay or within a larger group game to add some added fun and teamwork!

3. Ultimate Scooter Stations

Activity idea uploaded by Shannon Irwin, posted on PE Universe.

This video shares a great example of the fun students can have with Gopher’s UltimateScooter accessories.


UltimateScooter accessories include:

UltimateScooter Basketball
UltimateScooter Targets
UltimateScooter ScootPursuit (Think Mario Kart)
UltimateScooter Bumper
UltimateScooter Wagon
UltimateScooter FlagTag
UltimateScooter Handle
UltimateScooter Rolling Scooter Goal Set

4. Soccer Dribble Scooter Tag

Activity idea uploaded The PE Thinker, posted on

In “Soccer Dribble Scooter Tag” students attempt to dribble across the field and back without their ball getting tagged by a scooter tagger armed with a pool noodle. It’s a race against time and a wild chase, all rolled into one awesome game!

5. Scooter Pinball

Activity idea uploaded by Bonnie Petty, posted on PE Universe.

In Scooter Pinball, the goalie starts with the ball and throws the ball to their teammates, who are all on scooters in the playing area. When a student has the ball on the scooter, they may not move with it. The goal is to knock down all three bowling pins behind the goalie and make a basket! The first team to accomplish this task is the winner!

View the activity idea on PE Universe!

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6. Parachute Surfing

Activity idea uploaded by Stefhayley80, posted on

Dive into some fun with your students as catch they wave by riding around holding onto a parachute. Students lay on the parachute belly-down or sitting cross-legged on scooters, gripping onto the parachute. Their classmates join forces, running in a circle to give the scooting squad a wild ride. For optimal enjoyment, space out those scooter riders every 4 to 5 spaces. Encourage the riders to grab the parachute, not the handles, to avoid putting any unnecessary stress on the handles. Let the momentum roll and the good times flow!

7. Cooperative Curling

Activity idea uploaded by MrSpringPE, posted on

This clever idea by Randy Spring uses scooters in a curling competition. Students set a deck ring on top of their scooter and push it towards the target. The target has a poly spot on top of a tumbling mat and as the scooter glides towards the target, the wheels hit the mat and the deck ring slides off onto the target. In the midst of all the fun, students are honing their precision, coordination, and problem-solving skills.

8. Four-Sided Scooter Soccer

Activity idea uploaded by Justin Cahill, posted on

In “Four-Sided Scooter Soccer,” 4 cones are placed around the outside of the playing area. Students are split up into 4 teams and 2 to 3 students stand in-between their teams cones and serve as their team’s goalies. They are standing and can use their hands to stop the ball. The remaining players are on scooters within the play area and must use their feet to score on the other team’s goals!

9. Four-Sided Floor Ball

Activity idea uploaded by Justin Cahill, posted on

“Four-Sided Floor Ball” has the same set up as the activity above, but now students have an UltraSoft Paddle and students must use their paddle to hit the ball through the opposing team’s goals.

10. Cliff Hanger

Activity idea uploaded by CES PE, posted on

In the team-building activity “Cliff Hanger,” students face the challenge of moving across the gym area collectively without any member touching the ground. Armed solely with a rope, scooters, and designated spots, effective communication and teamwork are crucial as students collaborate to successfully maneuver their entire team from one side of the gym to the other.

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