Unique Football Games for Physical Education

Expand your Flag Football unit by incorporating drills that teach hand-eye coordination, agility, moving to open space, and teamwork. The following video examples introduce new football games that students are sure to get a kick out of.

Football Catch the Ball, Catch the Receiver

One receiver is trying to score a touchdown against three defensive players.

Receivers line up behind the cone at the end of the field and defenders make three lines at the other end of the field. When the instructor says, “go,” the designated quarterback will either hand the ball off to the runner or pass the ball to the runner. The runner will try to score a touchdown without having their flag pulled. At the same time, the first defender in each line will run toward the receiver and try to grab their flag before a touchdown is scored. If the defender pulls a flag, they join the runner line. If the runner scores a touchdown, they get to run again!

Football One Chance to Score                    

The goal of the game is for the offensive team to score a touchdown in one play. The defensive team tries to block the play by pulling a flag, blocking a pass or intercepting the ball.

The offensive team is going to start on one end of the field. Defense lines up on the other line. The offensive team can use any play they like. They can use a forward pass, backward lateral, handoff, or any play they want to try to score. If the ball is dropped or goes out of bounds, the play ends. If the offense scores, the team stays on the field. If the play is blocked, the offense switches to defense, and the defense rotates into the offensive lines.

Football Flag Pull Top Gun

The object of Flag Pull Top Gun is for the runners to get all the way through the coned square without having their flags pulled by the shark in the middle.

The runners line up behind the set of cones outside the square. The shark stands in the center of the square and will try to pull flags as the runners pass. Be sure to hang on to the ball and encourage students to use their best moves to avoid having their flag pulled.

Football Hot Potato Handoff

The object of the game is to practice your handoffs in the center of the field.

The first player in each line runs to the center of the field. One player hands off the ball to the other player and then runs to the opposite line. The player with the ball then hands off to the next player in line. As soon as the ball is handed off, the next player in each line runs to toward the middle. Keep going until everyone has had a chance to handoff and receive the ball. Remember to keep running. Players who have the ball should hand off to the receiving player on the side. Receiving players should use both hands to grab the ball and then pull it into their body.

Football Ultimate Football

The object of the game is for the offensive team to keep passing the ball back and forth across the field until they score a touchdown. This is a regular football game with a few changes. The biggest difference is that touchdowns can only be scored when they are passed into and received by a teammate in the end zone. Players cannot run in a touchdown.

The game starts with a player punting, kicking or throwing the ball downfield. The offensive players receive the ball and pass it forward, backward or sideways to their teammates. Defensive players try to intercept the ball or pull the flag of the player holding the ball. If a flag is pulled, that player must immediately stop and make a pass to a teammate. Defensive players should give the passing player at least four feet of open passing space. Possession goes to the other team if the ball is dropped, goes out of bounds or is intercepted.

Remember that in order to score a touchdown, the ball must be passed into and received within the endzone. No running in a touchdown.

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