PE Warm-Up Ideas Using GIFs!

Video Transcription:

I’m gonna talk a little bit about a new warm-up that I am trying and liking! First maybe the rationale, why do I do a warm-up every day? Why do I do a warm-up every single day?

Why do I have a warm-up every day?

One thing is that allows students to get moving right away, they come in, they get moving right away. Very little direction and they can go. It aids in my classroom management. If students get some energy out right away, when they come into the gym. If they’re able to move right away, it seems to help my classroom management.

The warm-up time allows me to talk to individual students personally, you know, and find out something about them, how they are, what they did last night, things like that. I like that individual time and lastly the time allows me to change any equipment that I need to. Very valuable with back to back classes like I have at the elementary school!

AMRAP style warm-up with GIFs

For the third quarter, I’m doing an AMRAP style warm-up “As many reps as possible”. I’ve created a Google slideshow with 3-4 activities each week. I’m gonna change the activities up some to keep it interesting, but maybe we’ll spiral back to some as well, maybe some that the kids don’t do quite as well with.

I display a timer on my board along with the GIFs. In this video you can’t see the GIFs actually moving as it is a picture, but in the next couple of slides you’ll see them. So the students can refer back to them and be able to try to understand what they’re supposed to do, or how to do it correctly. It allows them a little independence in their learning and also allows for some choice.

So the students do as many times as they can in four minutes, they do all four and then they repeat as many times in the time that’s given. I like to give a student the job of starting the timer. They love that, like makes their day when they can start that timer. They’re ready to go.

Here’s an example of what I did for the first three weeks. All activities. The second three weeks, I added a skill, catch with one hand. So I just had a bucket of beanbags out or whatever you want him to catch with a tennis ball, catch with one hand, you make five catches, you move on to the next one. In the third week, I added a fun activity, the cone flip, they loved it. I told them they had to try three times and then move whether they made it or not. You may with the cone flip, I didn’t do this, but it might be something you’d want to do is, keep tally marks. Keep a count of how many your class makes in the four minutes.

How to Create your Own!

The slides that I’ve shared here are used for grades 2-5. I have a slightly modified version that I use in K-1. Here is the basic of how I made it. So it looks like this. I have the slide set up. This is the start of week four. I have not changed it yet. On here it has some of the same things. I just change them each week and added new gifts. Hope you enjoyed! Hope it gives you a couple of ideas of things you might do for a warm-up.

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