See Home PE in Action! (Video)

Home-PE is a 6-week subscription box for kids and families full of high-quality, durable equipment and hundreds of activity ideas.

A new box is shipped weekly for you to keep. Each week features a fun theme with new activities written by PE teachers.

The videos below preview each week of the Home PE deluxe subscription pack.

For a short time, Gopher is giving you the opportunity to raise money for your school with Home PE! Simply share the information about Home PE with your students and receive $10 for every subscription pack purchased!

Four Square Pack – Week 1

This classic playground game can now be played at home! The Home PE Four Square Pack includes everything your kids need for endless outdoor fun. Whether they’re playing by themselves, with a friend or sibling, or the whole family, we’ve got you covered. A variety of equipment and unique activity instructions (40 game ideas) will keep everyone moving and having fun! Main difference between this and the Basic Subscription is the air all-metal floor pump to inflate the four square balls and sport balls you will receive in future packs.

Jumping and Skipping Pack – Week 2

Jumping rope is one of the best and most fun cardio-vascular activities. Rope jumping is great at developing agility, timing and muscular endurance. You’ll get clear instructions for 40 different jumping, hopping, skipping and agility activities and a larger quantity of institutional-quality equipment than what’s included in the Basic Subscription. The activities will show your kids (and you!) to progress through increasingly challenging and impressive jump rope activities. Instructions for double-bounce, cross-overs, double-unders, hopscotch jumps, agility jumps, jump turns, rhythm patterns, double dutch, Chinese jump rope and more. This is the same equipment used at schools that has to be durable enough to withstand use by hundreds of students each day.

Tossing and Catching Pack – Week 3

If the only hand-eye coordination your kids are getting is from video games, they need this! Your kids and you will do fun activities to develop hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching skills, and you’ll (hopefully….) learn how to juggle! Start juggling with scarves and work your way up to beanbags in the deluxe pack. This pack also includes a rubber chicken that your kids will love to throw and catch. More than 50 activity ideas provide endless amounts of fun whether your kids are playing alone, with a partner, or with the entire family. This is the same equipment used in schools that has to be durable enough to withstand use by hundreds of students each day.

Sports Pack – Week 4

Your Home PE pack would be complete without including institutional-quality equipment for your favorite sports. This pack includes equipment for basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and kickball. Nearly 50 game and activity ideas (including individual, partner, and family activities) will teach kids a variety of skills and provide an endless amount of fun. The basketball and football display unique hand placement graphics to help kids understand how to shoot and throw with the correct form.

Scooter Pack – Week 5

Your kids will go crazy when you receive this week’s scooters box. Scooter games are a wildly popular activity in physical education, just ask your kids! Your kids will sit, lay, or kneel on the scooters and develop important coordination, balance, and dodging skills, plus muscular strength. The included paddles challenge kids with a variety of tennis and hockey activities. Your kids will have a blast with the 40 unique games and activity ideas. You’ll be receiving all the same ultra-durable equipment that stands up to use by hundreds of kids per day at schools all around around the country.

Fitness Pack – Week 6

Strength, flexibility and muscular endurance isn’t just for jocks. Your kids and you will get introduced to cool fitness activities in this week’s subscription package in a fun way! This Deluxe Subscription enables more activities than the pack in the Basic Subscription by including a pliable slam-ball medicine ball (your kids will love it!) and a kettlebell. Thirty cardio and strength activities can be performed individually, with a partner, or family and can keep everyone active for hours. You’re getting the same institutional-quality equipment in this and all the other packs that is used by hundreds of kids each day at tens of thousands of schools around the country. Scroll the images to see some of the activities and equipment you’ll get.

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