Why You Should Incorporate Dumbbell Training into Your Fitness Program

A tried and true staple of free-weight training, a dumbbell is the most trusted fitness tools for training total-body strength and muscle endurance.

Dumbbell Cardio Training

Popularized by step aerobics workouts, dumbbells are the safest equipment for enhancing high-repetition exercises. Their one-piece security gives the user control during dynamic movements and quicker motions such as punching, swinging, and running. Lower-weight, fully-coated dumbbells are tailored for such workouts, as their thicker, ergonomic handles and tacky coating are easier to grip.

Dumbbell Strength Training

Used as an extension of the arm and hand, dumbbells are the safest free weights for developing total-body strength. The concentration of weight around the handle ensures a high level of control and security for heavier weights. Dumbbells used for strength training should have hard-wearing coated bells, deep knurling handles, and the most secure pinned bell-to-handle construction.

Our Favorite Dumbbells


gp 73806 black 45lb rubber dumbell clean

These dumbbells feature satin chrome plating on handle offers additional protection from rust and oxidation. The handle fully extends from end-to-end, preventing dumbbell heads from coming loose after repeated drops on the floor.


Rubber-coating creates outstanding protection from cuts, nicks, and dents in the dumbbells, floors and other equipment.


Urethane-coating provides ultimate durability and won’t mar floors or other equipment. It is also slightly more durable than rubber, so it pairs perfectly with the most rigorous workouts.


g 69525 protectordb10lb green 52

Perfect for any training studio or fitness center, these dumbbells feature a thick, virgin-rubber coating that won’t get nicked or scratched, and retains its vibrant colors longer than lesser-quality covers. A highly tactile, textured grip enhances performance and eliminates concerns about slipping from sweaty hands during dumbbell training.


gp 73866 vinyl dumbbell 360 view clean

This dumbbell is great for aerobics because the the surface is tacky for an easier grip when sweating during an intense workout. The tri-sided design keeps it from rolling, and makes it easy to stack when not in-use.


gp 73873 neoprene dumbell 360 view clean

This neoprene dumbbell offers a soft, durable finish that won’t cause damage to floors, equipment, or hands. When users’ hands become sweaty during training, the Defend dumbbell will not become slick like they otherwise would with vinyl or rubber. As a result, neoprene dumbbells are perfect for high-intensity aerobic and strength routines.

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