Why your school should apply for the Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award

Active Schools PosterWe know you’re doing great work getting your students moving more. You are changing the lives of students and stewarding a new learning culture at your school by infusing movement and physical activity into every crack and crevice possible. You are the champion kids need to ensure a lifetime of healthy habits and success. So why not toot your horn a little, showcase your efforts on a national level, and strive for the top physical education and physical activity distinction for K-12 schools – the 2016 Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award!

And, the National Award is just the beginning. Your school will also receive a congratulatory letter from First Lady Michelle Obama, a certificate of recognition, a large indoor banner to display in your gymnasium or student center, publicity and media attention, and a promotional kit to spread the excitement within your community.

Need another reason to strive for the Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award? Here are three:

  1. The award will give you a platform to elevate the positive impact of school-based physical education and physical activity on student academic achievement, mental health, confidence, and overall personal development.
  2. Earning this prestigious award will position your school as a national leader in creating an Active School environment, further embedding physical education and physical activity into your school culture.
  3. Health and physical educators are game-changers and Active School-makers for their students and school community, and hands down, deserve to be recognized.

Banner for Lets Move Active Schools National Award

Last year, 525 schools across the country were honored. This year, we want your school to be part of this elite group. And, the best part is that by using Gopher’s resources and equipment, you are already well on your way to becoming an Active School.

To learn more and see if your school is eligible to apply, enroll your school at www.letsmoveschools.org and complete the short Let’s Move! Active Schools Assessment. Applications will be accepted through April 15, 2016.

Another useful tool is the Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award FAQ, or you can always contact us at 1-855-972-0876 or help@letsmoveschools.org.

Thank you for leading the way in ensuring 60 minutes of physical activity a day is the norm in your school! 


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