3 Tips for Keeping Unprepared Students Moving!


Students coming unprepared to your PE class?
Check out these great ideas for how to keep unprepared students moving and participating!

Wouldn’t it be great if all your students came to your class prepared to participate?!  Unfortunately, that is not the case every time. As physical educators, we strive to keep our students moving, but safety comes first. So, if a student is unprepared, they will be unable to participate in most activities. 

As teachers who specialize in physical activity we need to be creative with our approach. 

Here are 3 ideas on what to do with those unprepared students:

1. Exercise Signs

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Place signs with different types of exercises in each corner of the gym. Students walk around the perimeter of the gym and perform an exercise on the sign each time they get to an exercise corner. Use the SmartDoc Holder to easily display different exercises around the gym. Examples of exercises are push-ups, squats, toe touch stretch, mountain climbers, sit ups, arm circles, lunges, and back extensions. You can add any exercises that don’t require a lot of room or equipment to perform.

2. Taking Notes

Students can take notes on the key points of the current lesson.

3. Activity Worksheets

Provide students with a work sheet of questions based on the current lesson to complete during class instead of participating in the activity

In conclusion, ensuring that our students are learning about physical activity in a safe way should be our goal. Having your students sit out without any form of mental or physical stimulation defeats that goal. Let’s all be creative in how we teach all our students! 

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