3 Tools for Outdoor Training

Hey guys, it’s Mike Piercy here from The Lab Performance and Sports Science here in Fairfield, New Jersey. I am coming to you with this month’s Gopher Performance blog.

This month what I want to talk about is outdoor training. Dealing with COVID and the difference pandemic issues wherever you are it might necessitate you to go outside, or go outdoors or change your circumstances to be able to deliver workouts whether you are in a school setting, team setting or, like us, in a private setting.  From an outdoor standpoint, there’s a couple things I hope to piggy-back on a bigger blog just to talk about some of the issues to keep in mind when you are taking your athletes out to train outdoors. But today I wanted to talk about some of the tools that we use.

Today we will highlight 3 tools that are really great that you can get from Gopher to integrate into any of your outdoor training or outdoor workouts. The thing is with going into outdoor training right now, you shouldn’t feel the need to bring your whole entire gym outside. You can get some really great pieces that are moveable, that you can set down anywhere that are safe, fun, and interactive for your participants no matter what you’re doing.

Today we can highlight a couple things like the FasTrack Ladder, which we love because none of the coaches end us tied up in the ladder trying to unfurl it or whatever it is.

The BumperHammer because you know we like to get outside and work with the tires a little bit and have some different fun.

Last, but not least, when we think about setting up ropes for cardiovascular training, or whatever we want to use it for, just flat out doing some really fun workouts if we have that Rope Saddle Anchor we can always anchor ropes no matter where we are. So that is where we are today, and what we really wanted to talk about – some really cool tools that you can integrate into your outdoor training that make it fun for your athletes and participants no matter what.

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