Author: Brian Hull

Brian Hull currently teaches at Bruce Randolph School in Denver, Colorado. Brian has taught at Bruce Randolph for 7 years and has been teaching for 8 years. His experience has all been in Title 1 and Highly Impacted Schools. In 2018, Brian was awarded and selected as the SHAPE Colorado High School Teacher of the year. Additionally, in 2020, Brian was also awarded and selected as the 2020 SHAPE America Central District High School P.E. Teacher of the Year and the 2020 SHAPE America Teacher of the Year. Brian firmly believes that all students deserve a high quality physical education experience and student needs and choice need to be maximized whenever possible!

Student Accountability During HS Virtual PE [Interactive]

In talking with so many of my physical education colleagues from across the country. Many of us, including myself, have lots of questions and wonderings in terms of what the best methods are in holding our physical education students accountable during our virtual PE classes.

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Lesson Design Advice During Virtual PE [Interactive]

Right now, I know many of us are having a really hard time trying to put our lessons and thoughts together when it comes to creating and implementing our virtual or hybrid PE lessons. There are so many different ways on how we can all be teaching our content right now. So today I have a few thoughts and reasons on why I designed my lessons the way that I do.

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Increasing Engagement in Virtual PE Through Student Choice

Right now, many of us are teaching physical education either in 100% virtual learning environment, or a hybrid environment. Due to this, I think it’s important to reflect and think about how we are offering choices for our students within our daily lessons and weekly curriculum. I’m going to share some of my strategies with you on how I allow for student choice within my lessons.

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