The Why Behind Functional Training

It is important for trainers and coaches to introduce new and effective training strategies not only to keep athletes and clients interested and engaged but to vary the stimulus and achieve desired results.

But for a new piece of equipment to be worthy of implementation, it must be versatile, functional, durable, and effective—Gopher Resolute Weight Bags checks all these boxes.

Functional movement training is important not only for athletes but for anyone interested in improving their fitness. Research shows that training primal movement patterns that mimic natural motions can:

  • Prevent injury and soreness when performing everyday functional movements
  • Help the user gain balance and strength in many positions throughout their entire range of motion

Incorporating functional training can lead to better performance in the weight room. This offers a new tool that isn’t included within training that strengthens muscles in a limited plane of movement, like most compound and Olympic movements.

With seven diverse handles, a unique curved shape, straps and a durable exterior, the Resolute weight bag allows for a wide variety of motions that can be taken through every primal movement pattern. The bag can handle and perform slams, throws, upper and lower body workouts/circuits and everything in between.

The Resolute Weight Bag

Resolute Weight Bag Movements:



Spin (Left and right)


Half Spin Hold (Left and Right)


Front Squat


Grip Strength


Other Movements

  • Overhead Press
  • Frontal Raise
  • Between Legs Overhead finish

Weight Bag Throws

  • Backward Launch
  • Side Load Launch (Left Right)
  • Overhead Launch

Weight BagSlams

Hammer Slam


Other Slams

  • Homerun Wall Slam
  • Side to Side Hammer Slam
  • Overhead Wall Slam

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