Band Movements Your Athletes Can Do At Home

Upper Body Band Movements

[0:00] Hi, Jeff Reinardy, Strength and Conditioning coach and Winona State University. This, like many of you this has become our reality as this COVID-19 has continued to spread. The time that we’re going to see other individuals in our facilities, the ability to get out of your own home is going to become more and more challenging. So we have to look at different ways to approach somebody’s fitness to be able to kind of do what we can in the area that they’re at. So moving to the bands, bands are a great workout. And we’re going to go through several exercises that you can do from your home. Got some Brawn Bands from Gopher. Go online, pick yourselves up just a few varieties. And for an extraordinarily small amount of money, you’re going to have yourself a great home gym for a short period of time.

[0:43] Right now we’re going to go through several different upper body movements that we can do while we’re at home, in the comfort of our own place.

Bench Press

[0:51] So we’re going to start with the basic bench. You can come around the backside, you could do it in a standing position. You could do it in a sitting position, a wide variety of positions. Got the resistance behind my back right now we’ll just press it out. So again, just the basic press type of movement. Obviously, if you want to increase the resistance, all you need to do is just kind of spin it a few times, it’s gonna make that a little bit shorter, so the resistance could become a little bit greater. So if you’re kind of caught in between different resistances, that’s a way that you can kind of make that space up. So that’s a bench press.


[1:24] And now to a push up. Now when you do a push up, approximately 70% of your body weight is on your arms when you’re in a typical push up position. This is obviously going to add some resistance to that. So we’re going to bring that around the backside. Okay, I’ve already got 70% of my own body weight on my arms right now. We’re going down, again, resistance band push ups. Again, a great simple pressing movement.

Band Flies

[1:49] Band flies. Okay, same thing. Just keep your arms nice and wide. Bring it around to the front. Some simple band flies.


[1:58] Some other variations that we do for some pressing movements are some punches. So find a place like that in position stand right here, you can go back about as far as you would like a good long push, a good band punch is something that we do a large amount of. And again, both arms, you can do that with.

Front Raise

[2:18] Front raise. A front raise type of movement, go a little bit lighter band, they’re gonna be a standing position, you can just do a basic front raise, right up like that.


[2:28] We also do what we call a 3-D. So that’s kind of a front, then we also do a pull apart at the same time. So just a little variation to that. Again, we call those 3-Ds as part of the front raise.

Lateral Raise

[2:40] Okay, you can also do a lateral raise. Again, your resistance is whatever length you’re going to put right here. So I’m just going to kind of step on that. Okay, that’s to do my resistance, nice and high and back down. If I want to increase that resistance, all I have to do is shorten that band a little bit, can make it a little more challenging. Again, a lateral type of raise, you can do those either side.

Band Pull

[3:02] Some different pull movements that you can do some really basic simple band pull. A little bit heavier right now, find a place that you can lock it in. In another video we’ve done this as well. Right here, nice long pull. So a band pull or a band row that you can do.

Pull Aparts

[3:20] Pull aparts. Simple pull aparts, a right way to a bunch off in a short period of time. But you could just have a band in this situation. The hands are kind of enclosed. You can do palms down or palms up. Either one. We call these no money sometimes. We’re gonna be here, pulling the band apart. Its great shoulder work right here.

Upright Rows

[3:40] Upright rows, we kind of went through those a little bit. You can kind of widen it. Make it more challenging. Get an upright row in that place, or an upright row right here, right up on the chin.

Face Pulls

[3:54] Face pulls are another good movement. Find a spot kind of connected. Stretch on that one right to your face. So you got your arms a slightly different position its pulling it right up to your face.

Arm Curls

[4:07] Okay, a couple other things that you can do real quick, are your basic arm curls, and some tricep work. Again variation of the bands. Find where you like it resistance wise. Okay, find that, bring it up simple arm curls. You can do this both at the same time. Or you can do single arm, whatever works out best for you. You can also do triceps in a simpler format. It’s a little bit higher, all you got to do find an area where you can kind of set lock it up in some area, right down again, we get some down good tricep position right here. Okay, some good tricep work.

Push Aways

[4:44] And last one that we’re going to go through are what we call push aways. The bar’s locked into position. Here, kind of moving up to the side a little bit so we’ve got tension. So this is a good core stability movement as well right here, we’re just gonna push the bar away. If you need to lighten the resistance need step in a little bit, push the bar way. Okay, nice and long as you can. Again, good core, good core good ab work all in the same time.

[5:14] Again, those are a lot of variations. I’m sure there’s a wide number more, but for right now those are just some good upper body types of things you can do from grabbing a few bands, a good home workout.

Lower Body Band Movements

[0:00] Jeff Reinardy, Winona State University Strength and Conditioning Coach. Again, kind of moving forward with the old COVID keeping everybody out of here and might be out of here for a long period of time. We’re going to look at some ways to get a great workout at your own home. Again, go grab some of those Brawn bands out of Gopher. It’s a great way to have a really small investment and have a phenomenal gym in a short period of time. But you can do it at home or anywhere. Actually, you can take these bands with you wherever you like.


[0:25] We’re going to do some lower body movements right now. We’re going to start with a squat. It’s a little more challenging, so it takes a little bit to get this one on, kind of got to find the right positioning. You want to get that upper on your shoulders bested you’re capable of and you can step on it, and there’s some resistance here. So you can stand up nice and tall and find that positioning to feed that workout best. If you want to put your arms up for stability, you can just kind of squat down, stand back up again. Just adds a little bit more resistance as opposed to a strict bodyweight squat. A good basic squat motion.

Overhead Squats

[0:57] Okay, the next one that we’re going to do, we’re going to move to an overhead type of squat. Obviously you’re going to have a lighter band because I got to travel a much greater distance. So I’m gonna have my feet about shoulder width apart from the band up and overhead. Good stability right there. Stand up nice and tall, overhead squat. Sit down nice and deep. standing back up, keeping that arms nice and straight locked out, sit down nice and deep. Stand back up. That’s an easy overhead squat. Good way to be able to do it.

Glute Bridges

[1:24] The next one that we can do are some glute bridges. Okay, we’ve got this already preset for us. So we’re just going to slide on right under. You can use the bench top or a chair that might work for you elevate you a little bit higher. But right now we’ll just do it from the floor. Okay, we’ll start with two feet under us. Just going to arch up. Okay, and down. Good glute bridge, squeeze those glutes at the top and back down. And then if we want to increase the intensity a little bit, we can go to a single leg. So right here you can put nice and flat legs straight. Okay, we want to be up on our shoulders as we’re coming up. Nice and high and back. We can come up nice and high, and back down. So that’s a glute bridge with both legs or single leg makes it nice.


[2:07] Now we’ll go through some abduction/adduction types of movements. And just again, find a spot we’ll do the A add. So add adding to your system, a d add to your bodies just adduction. So we’re gonna start here, and we’ll bring that across like so. So it’s adding that to system. You need to support yourself somewhere, make sure you got a good control over. I said, bring it to your system and back again, to system and back okay.

[2:40] Now the abduction will be just the opposite. It will be moving away from our body. So again, finding that location that works out best when moving away from our body at this point, freeing up nice and far back trying to stay up as tall as we can. A little support if needed, bring it out nice and far and bring it back down once again.

Hip Flexion

[3:02] We can do some hip flexion. Okay, so we can have that bar. Now the band we’ll want to tend to roll up a little bit. So find that location that works out well. Again, if you need a little support, find it or just bring it up, up front a little bit and then back down. Again, the band can roll sometimes just find that location that works out well. Sit up nice and tall. It’s coming out front, and then back down once again. Alright, and the last way that we can do that is some hip extension, from behind extension, find that location that works out well on the heel, we’re going to stand nice and tall and come back, bring it back, okay, standing there like back, getting good resistance that’s applied. All you need to do is back yourself up a little bit more if you need to.

Hamstring Curls

[3:48] Last movement we’re going to do here is a little bit of hamstring curl action. So again, generally a lighter band. Find that location on your heel that works. Okay can lay prone on the ground if you wish. And all you got to do is bring it heel back to your butt, back down, bring the heel up and back down. Again some great ways to get a good workout a few dollars for a couple of bands. You’ve got a phenomenal workout for you. Good lower body movements.

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