VariRoll Glute and Ab Roller Review

I am a big fan of all types of core/ab movements, so when I got my hands on the VariRoll Glute/Ab Roller from Gopher Performance I was excited to put it to the test. I will be talking about my review on this high-quality product and show you a few exercises that include the VariRoll.

The Construction

The first thing I noticed was the durable and quality construction. It is designed to withstand my largest athletes.

It’s also versatile. The multiple handles give you a wide variety of positioning options. Combine that with wide wheels that give you a stable base and roll very freely and you have a piece of equipment that has multiple uses.

I started with its “advertised use” of glutes and abs, and it was a smooth piece that made the rollouts from a kneeling and standing position comfortable and yet challenging. Foot positioning was simple as I moved into the glute curls with the use of both or single leg.

How Versatile is the VariRoll Ab Roller

After it easily passed those tests, I decided to see how else I could put the VariRoll to work in my fitness environment.

To challenge the lower body, I tested some lunge variations. These nicely challenged balance, stability, and range of motion. There was also a fast learning curve, making the VariRoll great for working modified single leg movements with the added benefit of introducing multiple planes to the exercise. Similarly, performing a modified single-arm pushup while rolling the VariRoll with the other arm added a degree of difficulty to upper-body movements that is hard to duplicate.

The VariRoll Glute/Ab roller will not only assist in improving your core and post chain, but will give you options in a vast number of other upper and lower body movements which will undoubtably improve your overall mobility, balance, and strength. 

7 Exercises to Add to Your Program

Glute Roll

Put your feet flat on the VariRoll. With straight alignment from your chest to your knees, roll your feet out as far as you can without buckling and roll them back under your knees. Make sure to squeeze your glutes and stay tall.

Ab Roll

Start on your knees. Grip one of the handles and roll forward as far as you can without buckling. Roll back to starting position. Make sure to stay tall and squeeze your core all the way through the movement. For a variation, do this from a standing position.

Lateral Lunge

Start standing up with feet parallel to the ab roller. Put one foot on the ab roller and scoot it out laterally as far as you can without buckling and sit down deep into the lunge. This motion will look and feel like a goblet squat. Roll that foot back to starting position. Maintain good balance all the way through.

Reverse Lunge

Start standing up with one foot on the ab roller. Roll that foot and leg backwards into a lunge. Then roll it back to starting position. Make sure to keep balance and go as far as you can into the reverse lunge without giving away.

Modified Push-ups

Start in a push-up position with one hand on the ab roller and one hand on the floor. Roll the ab roller out in front of you as far as you can without buckling. This will mimic a push-up movement. Then roll the ab roller back under your chest to starting position. Make sure to squeeze your core muscles and keep your arms straight.

Lateral Modified Push-ups

Start in a push-up position with one hand on the ab roller with the roller turned parallel to your body. Keep the other hand on the floor. Roll your arm laterally away from your body and back to starting position.

Alligator Walks

Start with your knees on the floor and the tops of your feet on the ab roller in plank position. Squeeze your core and glutes, keeping your body straight. Then, walk your hands forward for a few steps. Next, walk your hands backwards. Be sure to only move your hands and arms during this exercise.

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