Why It’s Important to Monitor Equipment Inventory Levels in Physical Education

In this short webinar, Dr. Robert Pangrazi, Dr. Patrick Fine, Ken Dyar, and Andy Tupy discuss why having an essential equipment list is important for all Physical Education programs. Watch the full webinar here.

Looking for a place to start? Download Gopher’s free inventory checklist available as a printed or digital document.

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  1. Each elementary school in our district (4) have very different amount of money for Physical Education teachers and their schools to spend on pieces of equipment. These are resources needed for our students to be successful within the classroom. One reason could be the number of students and the size of the schools, and another could be the amount of funds given to each school from the district. One of the most important things to remember is that we need to have a plan in place to know the types of equipment needed for our program. If we buy things just because we like the idea of them it may not be a good reason to use your money on it, instead look for items you may want more of for your program or items that will be beneficial to your students. As an elementary PE teacher, it is also important to think about events in school like the Kids Heart challenge and field day that take place. These events could potentially ask for an abundance of a specific item. With 400 students in one school and a class size up to 50 students, I am constantly looking to either update or add items I may already have to keep up with the everyday wear and tear, and to make sure every student has a piece of equipment. Teachers who have a goal and show commitment to their cause are stronger than the hurdles they can encounter (Ackerman, R., & Mackenzie, S., 2007, p. 25). What this means is if you have a plan in place and know why you need the specific resources for your school, any kind of hurdle you are challenged with should have a response that moves the learner in the right direction to be successful. Great job on the video as it really makes you think and understand why selecting your equipment with your specific budget is so important.

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