4 Physical Distancing Activities for In-School PE that Last a Lifetime

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic regarding activity, it’s that students and adults alike need to have the skills and knowledge to be active on their own. Insert lifetime physical activities! Not only do they equip students with the knowledge and skills to live a physically active life, but these physical distancing activities can also be performed while maintaining physical distance from peers.

1. Pickleball

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This fast-paced paddle game can be played indoors and outdoors by all ages, making it a great addition to your PE program. Similarly to tennis, players stand on opposite sides of the court during gameplay, which helps to naturally create physical distance while also keeping students moving.

Pickleball is also a great activity during this time because it uses limited (and individual) equipment that can be easily sanitized between use. Each pair or small group of students needs paddles, a ball, and a net. Use the affordable NowNet Instant Net to quickly create multiple nets in your space.

View additional resources for teaching Pickleball in PE:

2. Disc Golf

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Disc golf or disc games are great lifetime activities and make a great unit when teaching PE outdoors. To encourage physical distancing, SHAPE America’s Reentry Considerations recommend teaching PE in an outdoor setting if your school is moving forward with in-school instruction.

The game features limited equipment (discs and a target), making cleaning and sanitation measures more manageable for physical educators.

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3. Tennis

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This racket sport is not only an activity that promote lifetime wellness, but also one that lends itself to physical distancing recommendations in PE due to COVID-19. The game of tennis can be played against a single opponent (singles) or between two teams of two (doubles), but general racket skills can be taught to a larger group (indoors or outdoors) while keeping students 6 feet apart.

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4. Yoga and Stretching

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Another lifetime activity that aligns well with physical distancing recommendations due to COVID-19 is yoga. Yoga or stretching promotes connecting the mind and body through concentrated breathing, stretching, and meditation/relaxation.

Yoga and stretching can be performed indoors or outdoors and also provides an easy way to keep students physically distanced. Utilize Yoga Mats to delegate a specific space for each student and our free printable Yoga Pose Cards to introduce poses that will increase flexibility.

View additional yoga resources for physical education:

If you are teaching students in school during the pandemic, proper cleaning and sanitation of equipment is important. Equipment should be washed with soap and water and then sanitized using a disinfectant between uses to make these physical distancing activities as safe as possible. View Gopher’s PPE and Sanitation Supplies here >>

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