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Motivating Middle School Students in Physical Education

Motivating unmotivated students can be very challenging in middle school physical education. Remember that all teaching and learning starts with relationships. Kids don’t care to learn or work hard for someone who doesn’t care about them. Some quick points to help you start to build relationships with all of your students:

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4 Ways Physical Activity Can Boost Mental Health [Interactive]

The more physical activity a child gets now will only benefit them later in life. Schools with the country being shut down and schools being closed, a lot of kids are not getting the physical activity they need. Here are four reasons why physical activity can help boost your child’s mental health.

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3 Creative Uses for Towels During Remote Instruction!

As we head into the months ahead, it is looking more likely that schools in our country will begin to switch to remote instruction due to the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote instruction certainly presents a lot of challenges, but it also presents a lot of opportunities.

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The Art of the Cooldown [Interactive]

Hi Everyone. I’m calling this PE express podcast “The Art of the Cool Down”, and I want you to think about your classes for a moment. Do you incorporate a cool down in your lessons? Well a cool down really in essence is being able to calm the body or transition from an active state to a more passive one.

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