Author: Ross Chakrian

Ross Chakrian has been teaching elementary physical education in Ellicott City, MD for the past 9 years. Ross helped transform the state of the physical education at Waverly Elementary School by successfully winning various local and national grants to bring a variety of technology into the program. He also successfully advocated on behalf of his students to get a new gymnasium built to address the increasing enrollment numbers his school is experiencing. Ross is also very active on Twitter (@Mr_C_PE) as he works to spread the love for quality physical education and was recently asked to join the prestigious #ESPEchat Team (

Reflecting with “Glow and Grow”! [Interactive]

Hey, everyone! Today on the PE Express podcast, I wanted to talk about an important word, reflection. Let’s explore the importance of this word within the learning cycle and see how setting time aside for students to reflect within our lessons can help them. Let’s get to it.

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Quick Assessment Strategies for Student Learning! [Interactive]

Hey, everyone. Today on the PE Express podcast, I wanted to talk about an important word, assessment. This word may bring up a variety of feelings within you upon hearing it. My hope is that by the end of the short podcast, you will have a quick assessment strategy that you can add to your teacher toolbox to help your students and yourself in the gym. Let’s get to it.

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3 Creative Uses for Towels During Remote Instruction!

As we head into the months ahead, it is looking more likely that schools in our country will begin to switch to remote instruction due to the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote instruction certainly presents a lot of challenges, but it also presents a lot of opportunities.

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