Back to School: 5 Tips to Tackle the New School Year

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It’s hard to believe another school year is right around the corner. For many teachers, the thought of getting back to is overwhelming. Thinking about organizing new students, new schedules, equipment, paperwork, etc. can be stressful. However, if you get started early, the transition back to the classroom can be enjoyable.  I have provided a few back-to-school tips to help teachers at least “get the ball rolling” before that first day back with students is upon us.

Tip 1:  Establish your Curriculum

Many of you have been teaching for years, so understanding the scope and sequence of your lessons is not as difficult. However, having new lesson ideas for the students, whether it is new activities or trying out the use of infusing technology, is a great way to continue teaching quality physical education lessons. Many successful teachers have suggested laying out your units ahead of time to make sure you have the necessary equipment to ensure developmentally appropriate practices.

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Tip 2:  Assess your Equipment Needs

My second back-to-school tip is to get in that equipment room and find out what you have and what you need.  This helps when laying out your curriculum by content area and/or units ahead of time. Over the summer, many items such as playground balls, soccer balls, and basketballs can deflate. Foam balls that you may not have used in a while may not be in condition to be reused.  Getting that equipment room ready to go can really make your life easier once the year begins. View Gopher’s back-to-school equipment inventory list.

Tip 3:  Study your Students

Regardless of how long you have taught, you are going to experience new students.  Getting your classroom schedule with student names early is a great way to get ahead and start planning how attendance will be taken, what kind of partners or groups you can begin thinking about, and how to plan the culture of your classroom atmosphere.  Another aspect of dealing with students early that are often overlooked is learning your student’s ability levels and those that will need more modifications depending on the content and activities involved in your planned curriculum.

Tip 4:  Research New Technology

Realize that using technology in your classroom is not just for the student’s enjoyment and success. Many technology tools can assist you and make your day-to-day routine more effective and efficient.

Start early and begin looking into what Apps or tools you can incorporate. Whether the reason is for assisting you with attendance, making teams/groups, music, curriculum ideas, or assessment, there is an app or tool to help you. Check out a quick blog for some immediate ideas about using Apps in your class.

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Tip 5:  Evaluate your Activity Space

Make sure you walk your field or activity space to make sure it is safe before students are back. This often goes unnoticed and can be negligent on your part if something goes wrong during your class. Over the summer many things can happen to your space whether it’s a field or gymnasium. Check for glass, debris, fence, or wall damage just to make sure your students are safe.

Although there are many more ideas to remember to start the new school year, hopefully, these back-to-school tips will get you back in the mode of planning.  Get moving and start organizing early!  Good luck!

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  1. Unfortunately, many teaching at the elementary level use a cafeteria. The cafeteria has tables, barrels, coolers and many other potential hazards in it. When removing those hazards are not an option is the area deemed unsafe and we can force management to create a safer environment? What are the legal ramifications if a student is injured because of the environment that is not under our control? Has there been caselaw on this type of situations in the past?

    Thank you for your response to this question.


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