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Explore various teaching philosophies and identify innovative approaches you could take during your own PE classes. Because classes, schools, and teachers differ, there is no one-size-fits-all model for teaching Physical Education. Spark excitement in students by discovering new activities and teaching methods to encourage inclusion.

Developing Activity Habits in Physical Education – The Process of Movement Matters!

Greg and Jordan place emphasis on teaching students “why” we do something in PE before we tell them “what” to do. Prepare for a Huddle that brings to life what many teachers talk about, but few do – motivate students to focus on the process of moving throughout their lifespan. Discussion will be centered on why physical activity is a habit that needs to be learned in the school setting and practiced throughout life. Traditional physical education has often focused on short term outcomes rather than monitoring the process of physical activity for all students.

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“Catchy Cues” with Randy Spring [Interactive]

I’m a firm believer in the old saying most skills are caught not taught. As physical educators we teach a lot of skills, most of these skills being physical skills. So what consistent foundations are we building in our yearly instruction to make these skills more easily caught while being taught?

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7 Tips for a Successful PE Experience for a Child with Autism

Every child needs help to become successful in PE but there is one child in particular, in your class, that needs more attention than most children. You have a child with Autism that has trouble with social cues, motor skills and is fixated on trains at the moment. Your job is to try your hardest to give every child a successful experience in PE but what can you do for a child who has Autism and the gym is a very difficult space for them? Here are a few tips I have learned over my career that have helped give successful PE experiences to students with Autism.

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Reflecting with “Glow and Grow”! [Interactive]

Hey, everyone! Today on the PE Express podcast, I wanted to talk about an important word, reflection. Let’s explore the importance of this word within the learning cycle and see how setting time aside for students to reflect within our lessons can help them. Let’s get to it.

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Quick Assessment Strategies for Student Learning! [Interactive]

Hey, everyone. Today on the PE Express podcast, I wanted to talk about an important word, assessment. This word may bring up a variety of feelings within you upon hearing it. My hope is that by the end of the short podcast, you will have a quick assessment strategy that you can add to your teacher toolbox to help your students and yourself in the gym. Let’s get to it.

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Be the Light and See the Good in 2020 [Interactive]

No doubt 2020 has been a rough year. The struggle for me as a Pre-K through Eighth-grade Physical Education teacher, as well as an Athletic Director for one of the largest Catholic schools in the state of Texas, has been most challenging. I have spent most of my school year so far just trying to survive, juggling all the new mandates and guidelines in regard to COVID-19. Even with over 15 years of experience, nothing could have prepared me for teaching during a pandemic.

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Why Standards-Based Instruction Matters [Interactive]

At the beginning of the pandemic, teachers around the world were scrambling to find lessons that could be taught online. Most of us had never experienced being on the teaching end of an online or virtual course. I still see this happening today and I’m not surprised.

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