Hooping it Up: Hula Hoop Tips and Tricks!

If there is one piece of equipment that I would suggest for you to purchase for your PE program, it’s Hula Hoops. They are so versatile. First there are many sizes as well as shapes (flat and round). Second, you can use them for almost anything. Check out some of my favorite ways to use hula hoops below!

1. Hula Hoop Skills and Tricks!

From Hula Hooping around your body to rolling the hoop around the gym and jumping through it, hula hoops have endless possibilities.

Check out the following videos on some hula hoop tricks that I use in class:

Basketball Shot HulaHoop

2. Non-Traditional Uses for Hula Hoops in PE:

Explore the unexpected uses of hula hoops beyond just spinning them around your waist:

– Encourage students to roll a ball into them to see if they can stay within the hoop.


– Have a partner hold a hula hoop and try to shoot a basket! Similarly in tennis or pickleball, try to hit the ball through the hoop to practice hitting accuracy.

– Hang a hula hoop on the wall for more target fun!

– Need to tidy up? Place equipment inside the hoop for easy organization and containment.

– Spin the hula hoop and use it as a timer to have students exercise while it twists.

– When it comes to fun and games, the options are endless—toss, throw, roll, kick, or do whatever else you choose with them!

Hula Huts: A Great Cooperative Activity for Students!

Hula Hut Throwdown

Hula Huts are great for students because they combine teamwork and engineering! You can build a hut with 4, 5, or 6 hoops. Students can challenge their spatial awareness by crawling or climbing through the hoops (forward, backwards, from a different opening, etc).


It’s not just about building; students can also test their accuracy by aiming to knock down the hula hut with throws, kicks, or striking it with a piece of equipment. It’s all about getting creative, problem-solving, and having a blast together with a Hula Hut adventure!

What are your favorite ways to use Hula Hoops in your class? Continue the conversation and share your ideas in the comment section below!

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